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Laser-cut Stackable model paint Racks

3 Single racks stacked together

2 Single racks stacked together

Single rack

Single rack

Single rack

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All paint racks are for sale in web-shop

Single rack

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No need to buy Large paint racks holding 20-100 bottles of one style when you only have a small number of each style.


Each Single paint rack in my stackable range are made to fit different manufacturers sizes but hold small numbers of each bottle-tin, they can all be stacked on the top or bottom of each other or left as Single portable racks.


Simply purchase the racks you need when you need them.


Holes are provided for wall mounting


Discounts are available for return customers or multiple purchases of racks.

If your paint collection is a mix of different manufacturers then the mix and match paint racks i have designed are the perfect solution for you.

Each model paint manufacturer makes their bottle or tin a different size.